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Transform your home into

Party Central this summer


Life is too short to take it too seriously. If you work hard, you need to play hard too. Now that it’s officially spring, our thoughts naturally turn to making the most of the warmer weather and having friends and – God forbid – rellies round for some conviviality. So it’s not too early to get started on those home improvements that will make a difference to your lifestyle this summer. Party on, dude.

Fix-It-Outdoor-Room1. Get an outdoor room

We tend to associate outdoor rooms with California or Arizona, where you can leave your furniture and even soft furnishings outside without fear of it getting rained on or blown away. The New Zealand version of the outdoor room involves a little more protection for your stuff – a roof or some other shelter from the rain, walls to protect from the wind, and probably some form of heating to make it all more user-friendly. 



Fix-It-Stainless-Steel-BBQ2. Get a stainless steel barbecue

A friend of ours reckons he has to replace his barbecue every year because he always forgets to bring it inside and it’s rusted out by the time next summer arrives. Or maybe he is just too lazy to clean it after a hard party season. Anyway, stainless steel is the solution to the first problem, and a spraycanful of industrial-strength degreaser will soon sort out the second.






Fix-It-Hot-Tub3. Get a hot tub

The beauty of a spa or hot tub is you can use it year-round, although admittedly it’s a tad hard to get out on a nippy winter’s evening. This one is strategically positioned to be in the middle of the action when party season is finally here.




Fix-It-Outdoor-Heating4. Get some outdoor heating

We agree the giraffes are a bit over-the-top, but on a cool spring evening, the herd of patio heaters definitely aren’t. More decorative alternatives include an outdoor brick chimney or a Mexican chimera.




Fix-It-Outdoor-Bar5. Get an outdoor bar

There’s nothing worse than having to run in and out of the house to keep your guests’ drinks replenished. With this bar, you can remain in the middle of everything and have everything you need – drinks, ice and good conversation – at hand. 






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