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Renovation Feasibility Report™


Fix It Renovation Feasibility Review

What's the problem?

You have been thinking about renovating for years.
• Are my renovation ideas technically feasible?
• Are we talking $10,000 or $100,000?
• Do I need a permit from the council?
• How much will it cost if we do X versus doing Y?
• If we knock this wall down will the house collapse on us?
• Do we need to get engineers involved?
• What is the process and who can advise me?


Fix It Renovation Review 1


What happens because you don’t have the information to make smart decisions


You get stuck and frustrated in a house with untapped potential.
(Some people renovate just before they sell and kick themselves for not doing it while their family had the chance to enjoy the new spaces.)    



Here’s The Solution

The Renovation Feasibility Report™

Get these THREE questions answered by the experts…
1. “Are my ideas feasible (technically, legally, and financially)?”
2. "Are there other solutions that are better value for money?”
3. “Ball park: How much?”

What to expect…
1. Initial phone consultation to get an overview and to prepare for the in home consultation
2. Detailed consultation in your home with a qualified builder AND an interior designer to discuss your project
3. A written report outlining options inclusive of cost estimates


The Result:

You find out what you CAN and CANNOT do, plus an idea how much each options costs.

The Investment:

$250 incl. gst (this will be credited back if a project is undertaken)

Don't delay fill in this form now to get the ball rolling on your Renovation Feasibility Review and take the first step to having the living environment you have been dreaming of.