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Some of the world’s coolest deck ideas


Just to get your creative juices flowing (and make us all green with envy) here is a gallery of some of the more interesting and spectacular deck concepts we’ve seen recently.





1. The Spiral Deck (we’ve renamed it the ‘Raurimu Spiral’)

A composite (manmade components) deck with a twist that seamlessly creates several different living zones on two levels







2. The Arty Deck

This deck is saved from relative ordinariness by spectacular views and an interesting stencilled motif on the deckboards.






3. The Frog Pond Deck

Neat idea to use artificial waterlily pads on the pond – this would keep our kids entertained for hours, hopping from one ‘pad’ to the other – but better keep that life-ring handy!  





4. The Private Living Deck

We like this one not because it is anything special, just a nice use of natural screening to create privacy and a zen-like atmosphere.







5. The ‘Where’d it Go?’ Deck

Wouldn’t it be simply fabulous to own a place where the pool seemed to be as one with the ocean beyond? Sigh!







6. The Tree Deck

This tree forms a beautiful natural feature that provides shade in the summer









7. The Cliffhanger Deck

We don’t know if we’d ever be able to relax in this clifftop Santorini property – but there’s no other word to describe it but awesome









8. The WTF Deck

What is going on here? The sundeck in this Costa Rican beach house seems to float above a pool.








This next shot helps explain how it works. The infinity pool and sun deck have been built around a tree on the beachfront.  





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