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Inspirations: Back yard makeovers in time for summer

Has it got warmer – or is it just me? The sun came out this morning and lit up my sad-looking backyard. Time to get some makeover inspiration before barbecue season!

Inspiration #1: Taking your outdoor space to new levels

Backyard makeovers
Not very inspiring, is it? Fortunately this is the “Before” shot…

Backyard makeoversAfter: Doesn’t look like the same space, does it? By building a retaining wall and creating a level area, this sloping yard has been transformed into a tranquil oasis in the bush, complete with a gas fireplace for those cooler evenings.

Inspiration #2: What a difference a deck makes

Backyard makeoversIf your backyard looks like this, you’re not alone.

Backyard makeovers

After: But the addition of a gazebo, deck, thoughtful landscaping and outdoor furniture is all it takes to transform a very ordinary yard into a space you and the family will enjoy throughout the summer.

Inspiration #3: Lifting the game for space and privacy

Backyard makeoversHere’s another example of how a deck, built up from the ground and with a light oriental-style fence, can give you extra privacy from the neighbours. The dog appreciates it!

Backyard makeovers

Before: This yard was even sadder than mine – a damp, featureless concrete jungle, suitable only for keeping the rubbish bin – until…

Backyard makeovers
After: … the addition of natural timber in the form of a taller fence, raised deck and planters filled with fast-growing bamboo to screen off those ghastly concrete walls.

Inspiration #4: Bringing the indoors outdoors

Backyard makeoversWe have some friends with an outdoor room like this, and with shelter from the elements and the help of a gas patio heater, they can entertain outside for longer in the season than anyone else.

Inspiration #5: Don’t be afraid to splash some colour around

Backyard makeovers
While it’s great to have a backyard that brings you back to nature, the use of colour can add vibrancy and life to the space, making it just the place for entertaining and relaxing – the choice is yours!

If your backyard is looking a bit sad, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Fix It Renovations owner for free advice and ideas on transforming your backyard in time to make the most of summer.  

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