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Are our pets taking over our homes?

In the past we’ve shown you amazing dog houses and incredible cat baskets, but is the latest trend – pet furniture, sleeping bags and even cafes – taking things too far?

Fix It ezine May 2014

Source: Complex

What would you call a table designed to keep cats entertained? The CATable, of course. Hong-Kong based architecture firm Lycs designed this dining room table with passageways, tunnels, and holes so your cat can have fun while you, er, eat.

Fix It ezine May 2014

Source: Complex

Shelving for humans – and cats. This is like an adventure playground for cats and the designers, Taiwan-based Hey!Cheese , even included a scratching post into the design to save the owner's furniture from total annihilation.

Fix It ezine May 2014

Source: Cool Hunting  

When we go camping it’s just you, me … and Fido. The BarkerBag by Seattle-based designer Andy Storms is an insulated sleeping bag attachment for your dog. Not sure this would work for cats.

Fix It ezine May 2014

We all love our pets, but is taking your cat out for coffee going just a little too far? These people don’t think so. They’re queuing to get into New York’s latest dining sensation, the Cat Café.

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