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Why Wet Area Bathrooms are cool – and how to get one without being burned


Wet Area Bathrooms – where there are no walls separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom – are all the rage. But while there are a load of good reasons for getting one, they can be an expensive and risky option unless you follow these guidelines.



In Wet Area Bathrooms, the bathroom becomes the shower. There are several benefits of not enclosing the shower area with a threshold, door or curtain. You save space, so the idea is perfect for smaller bathrooms. The bathroom not only looks bigger, more stylish and less cluttered, but offers greater accessibility that will keep on meeting your needs as you grow older and less mobile. So yes, Wet Area Bathrooms are cool.






Of course, they do have some drawbacks. Because there’s nothing to keep water inside the shower, effectively waterproofing the floor and walls is vital. The vanity, shelving and furniture must be protected from moisture. All of this can make Wet Area Bathrooms a more expensive option than bathrooms with traditional shower enclosures. They’re a risker option, too, if the right products and procedures aren’t used or the workmanship isn’t up to standard. If a leak ends up causing damage which often isn’t immediately noticeable and becomes massively expensive to fix, your cool bathroom will end up burning you.   



  That’s why we strongly recommend that you don’t DIY on a WAB. 

Hire bathroom specialists like, well, Fix It Building Services  

    • We’ve done it before - we can design your new bathroom in such a way that you will save money.

    • We will only recommend products and features that we know from experience will give you lasting protection as well as pleasure.

    • We will give you a fixed-price quote so there won’t be any surprises along the way.  

    • We will get the project done in the shortest possible time for minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

    • We won’t take shortcuts. Our aim is for you to be so delighted with your new Wet Area Bathroom that your friends will all want one and will ask you who created yours!


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