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Watch the Rugby World Cup

in your very own home theatre

With the lights dimmed, the surround sound turned up loud, a few bevvies, you and your mates ensconsed in the warmth and comfort, and all the action on the big screen, it’s got to be the next best thing to being at the games!

The good news is that if you’re quick, there may still be time to build that home theatre you’ve always wanted before the World Cup starts. Here are some ideas to get the ideas started…


Starry starry night

With the illusion of the starry night sky above and the trophies in the wall cabinets, you could almost imagine you were in a corporate box at the match.

We like the choice of seating – the cosy u-shaped couches or the big cinema seats complete with glass or bottle holders.


Holy Smokes Batman!

We are sure Batman won’t be required to rescue the All Blacks in their quest for victory, but this Bat Cave may be the perfect place to hole up during and after the Cup. Just watch yourself on those stalactites!


Wish I could be.....under the sea.....

Okay, we’ve had record rainfalls this winter, but hopefully this underwater-themed home theatre won’t become a reality for the home owner.




Beam me up..... 

Here’s the ultimate for self-confessed sci-fi geeks – the Star Trek Home Cinema, complete with control console. Go to warp factor five, Scotty!


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