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Walk-In Wardrobes:  How to Get Started Creating Yours

Walk in wardrobes

Your kids are finally on their own.  And space that was once at a premium in your home with nary an inch to spare has been reclaimed, except you don’t know what to do with it you’re so preoccupied with empty-nest syndrome.  You’ve been looking at your sad, little closet, a relic of yesteryear, crammed and cramped. 

And somebody’s a slob but let’s not say who.  You’ve been flipping through home décor magazines, lingering over photos of stylish walk-in wardrobes—all the rage—wondering how you and your mate could afford one.  They’re not cheap.  How to talk your better half into slapping down some cold, hard plastic won’t be an easy sell. 

Walk in wardrobes

Here’s an idea.  What if you could convert the vacant bedroom adjacent to your master bedroom into a roomy walk-in without straining your credit card to the max?  We are not talking about a wholesale top-to-bottom professional renovation project, but an interim plan to solve your space issues now, giving you a lovely-to-look-at, organized, clean, and well-thought-out space for all your personal belongings.

Walk in wardrobes

Your first consideration should be: size does matter.  Your master bedroom must be proportionately large enough to accommodate a walk-in, not play second fiddle to it.  The space requirements for a walk-in closet are a minimum of 2m x 3m for one person, but ideally 3m x 3m is best for a couple to share equal sections.  Two or three walls can accommodate such standard equipment as poles, shelves, and drawers for each person’s wardrobe.  Which leads to your second consideration - how to organize and store clothing, shoes, and accessories so you have closet space that is well-ordered, quiet, and relaxed.  Clean, uncluttered spaces clear the cobwebs out of your psyche as well as your physical environment.

Walk in wardrobe

So how do you approach organizing your inner sanctum?  Is it a good idea to pull your chest of drawers into your holy of holies?  Well, just try to grab a cotton top from beneath a pile of clothing, and you end up with a disheveled drawer and a hissy fit.  This is where purchasing a closet-organizing system to compartmentalize intimate wear, dresses, sweaters, pants, belts, shoes, socks, shirts, and more will reduce such hassles and streamline your daily routine. 

Walk in wardrobes

We won’t lie - closet organizing systems can cost a pretty penny, depending on if they’re mass-produced or customized.  We’re talking in the $750‒$4,000 price range.  You needn’t go whole-hog right away but instead get underway with a starter kit from your local hardware store and then build on this as finances allow. Installation only requires screwing metal brackets to your wall and sliding in the shelves and poles as you expand the system.

The benefit in spending low now is you’ll learn what works, a best practices guide to a professionally designed walk-in wardrobe later on. 

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