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Top 10 Insanely Cool Smart and Stylish Renovation Ideas

We at Fix It Renovations are known for our creative ideas when it comes to design, but we’re always on the lookout for new ideas. Here are 10 of the best we’ve spotted this month.

No, you’re not dreaming – that is a Ferrari in this apartment in Hong Kong. We suppose the owners thought that since they love the car, they may as well make it a centrepiece rather than stick it away in a garage. We also like the pop-up dining table and the sunken kitchen below the level of the car.

We love a kitchen that makes a statement. “I don’t cook” if our schoolboy French serves us correctly.

Ah, a secret cellar. Better still, it’s a secret wine cellar, just the thing when you run out half way through a dinner party.

This holy wine wall makes the bottles more accessible than a cellar. If you painted the wall yellow, would you have wine 'n cheese?

An aquarium wall in your bedroom and your ensuite. The only thing we’re not sure about all those eyes watching us in bed and the bath.

Welcome to the Kelly Tarltons of home aquariums. Is it just us, or are those bedside lamps inside the tank?

Have trouble falling out of bed? Here’s the solution!

Always wanted to get closer to nature? Now you can – without leaving your bedroom.

A massive skylight above your bed would not only let in natural light during the day, but would let you stargaze by night.

Not sure about the arched doorways, but we love the different textures and the play of light on the bricks.

At first, we thought this trapdoor was the entry to a wine cellar like the one we saw earlier, and it is, but this one doubles as a pantry.

These ideas demonstrate that the sky’s the limit when it comes to renovating your home. Got some ideas of your own? Let us help you turn them into reality and who knows – maybe one day we’ll do an article on your home!

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