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The Best of  "Dwell on Design"

Do New Zealanders love their homes more than anybody else in the world? Here’s a clue.
America’s largest modern design event, held two weeks ago in Los Angeles, attracted over 30,000 people. Last year’s Auckland Home Show attracted over 40,000 people, in a city with less than one-tenth of LA’s population. Hmm.
Even so, Dwell on Design provided a wealth of brilliant design ideas, inspirations, demonstrations and even home tours, as these highlights show.

Fix It Dwelling design The Bubble Vase by Heather Palmer seems to have melted over its wooden stand.
Fix It Dwelling Design
These Looma Lamps, crafted from organic materials like so many of the products at DOD, are just the thing for altering the alter the mood of a room’s lighting by swapping out the coloured glass plates.
Fix It Dwelling Design

The Vang Chair by Norway’s Andreas Engesvik is a modern adaptation of the classic Windsor Chair.
Fix It Dwelling Design

Who says power outlets and light switches have to jump out from walls? Trufig flush wall outlets and controllers are designed to fit in with a room’s décor. Now where was that lightswitch again?

Fix It Dwelling Design
And who said basins have to be white or cream?
Jonathan Adler has created a whole new palette for Kohler, who have a great showroom in Auckland’s Parnell.
Fix It Dwelling Design
The Parrish Chair by Emeco won the best in show award.
Fix It Dwelling Design
‘Living walls’ were a trend at DOD with many walls completely covered in live plants, unlike this more subdued approach by DISC Interiors with a City Planter and plexiglass numbers in an entrance doorway.
Fix It Dwelling Design
Mobile and modular KiGa Planters (short for kitchen garden) are perfect for the urban lifestyle and small spaces such as decks and balconies.
Fix It Dwelling Design
If, like us, you still pine for the massive speakers of yesteryear, but can’t see them fitting in with your home’s décor, here’s a new solution from Urban Fidelity – turn the speakers into art.
Fix It Dwelling Design
Too busy to exercise? Try this Treadmill Desk from, which also makes stand-up desks without the treadmill.


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