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Fix It Building Services are experts in home renovation and remodeling. 


Our trained and experienced sales staff will come to your house, listen to your idea, and help you design and visualize the changes you have in mind. 

Fix It TemOne of the most difficult things about renovating or remodeling is coordinating all the different trades involved.  Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, gib stoppers, tilers, painters – the list goes on an on.  Then there are the permits and consents and producer statements – all legal requirements that must be met before the project can go ahead. 

As a homeowner who does renovations infrequently, you are at a real disadvantage if you try to coordinate all this on your own.  In many cases, just getting all those different tradespeople to come out and listen to your needs will take weeks.  Then getting them to agree on what needs to be done can take weeks more.  


At Fix It, we do renovation every day – and we know how to bring all the parts of the puzzle together in a seamless way.  Let us use our skills to handle your renovation from design through construction.  We promise you will be delighted!   

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