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Short of storage space? Try these 5 super-smart ideas.

1.    The incredible morphing kitchen

Storage space

Unless you have space for a walk-in pantry, how do you get easy access to all your cans and jars and pots and pans and all the other stuff you keep in your kitchen? Easy. Just use slide-out or fold-out 

2.    The shoes that lived under the stairs

Storage space 2

All too often, the space under stairs – being an odd shape – is completely wasted or, worse, used as a dumping ground for stuff you really don’t want to ever see again. Installing slide-out drawers change all that, giving you the accessibility and flexibility to store odd-shaped objects like shoes and boots.

3.    Even more shoes that lived under the stairs

Storage space 3

As you can see from the previous picture, even storing your stuff under the stairwell is wasteful – in that there is still space available under each individual stair. When you think about it, stairs look like drawers – so why not turn them into drawers and make use of every spare cubic centimetre?

4.    Secret bathroom storage

Storage space 4

Storing your stuff in shelves in your bathroom is all very well, but what about all that steam and moisture from your shower and bath? The simple way round that is to borrow an idea from the modern kitchen – the slide-out shelving unit. What better way to tuck your stuff out of the way while having ready access to it when you need it?

5.    Make your car part of the furniture

Storage space 5

Are you proud of your car? Then why keep it out in the garage? These days, cars are coming in from the cold and being seen as the beautiful sculptural forms they are.

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