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Getting Out of the Queue!

Backlog Grows To Unimaginable Numbers...

Sadly the 22 February quake added tens of thousands more homes to Fletcher’s backlog – with some estimates saying they will now be responsible for over 100,000 homes.

In addition the EQC is now assigning Fletchers to do emergency repairs – further diluting their ability to get to your repair.

  • We continue to hold the opinion that the EQC made a serious mistake in allocating this much work to one company. 
  • We believe this view is continuing to be borne out as they fall further and further behind in meeting the needs of clients.

While the EQC doesn’t publicly advertise the fact, there is a faster and more logical alternative to waiting in the queue for Fletchers to get around to your repair.

Power Of Choice...Opting Out To Get Help NOW!

Opting out of the Managed Repair process is simple and easy.  You are allowed to contract with alternative providers of services such as Fix It Building Services. 

The criteria is simple:
- Firstly, your alternative provider must be willing to do the work for the same  or lower price than the EQC has allowed in its scope of works
- Secondly, you must agree to abide by all building consents and regulations that are applicable to your repair.
- Thirdly, you must sign the EQC provided one-page Opt Out form that states that you agree to the above two conditions.

Before you opt out, Fix It will provide you with a quotation that contains our warranties and the list of work we will perform – which you can be assured will cover the requirements of the EQC opt out conditions.

Once you have opted out, your alternative provider will be paid directly by the EQC  - so just like with Fletcher’s you won’t have to worry about paying tradespeople.

Why continue to wait...

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