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Making the most of space!

    One way to get it is to build on to your existing house – up, down or out.


Thanks to lower interest rates and a whole raft of other factors, there’s never been a better time to build. But if major construction’s not in your budget right now, don’t worry.

There are loads of innovative and sometimes fairly bizarre ways to get more out of what you’ve got, as this gallery demonstrates.  


You’re about to see some Extreme Space Saving!   


1. Hidden amenities

No apartment or studio can do without a bathroom, but this requires using precious space.    The solution, is to build it within the lines of existing walls so it blends seamlessly into the current wall strucutre.

The shower, basin and toilet all pull out and the other modules can be used for storage space.






2. Don't come out of the closet!  

This enterprising homeowner – who clearly shares a love of the colour purple with the Artist Formerly Known as Prince – has hidden his home office neatly in the closet.






3. Make the most of unwanted space!

Here’s another home office – this time tucked under the stairs, a space which as the young Harry Potter found out, doesn’t need to go to waste. Look out for our upcoming story on under-stair children’s bedrooms!






4. Make every piece of furniture count!

Comfy built-in sofa and bookshelf by day, versatile fold-out bed by night. Perfect for houseguests or when you’re in the dog box!






5. Furniture doesn't need to fold up!

We love the concept behind this incredible all-in-one bathroom module. It has been dubbed the Vertebrae by uber-clever Paul Hernon of Design Ltd.  The Vertebrae is a floor-to-ceiling column which includes modules for toilet, sink, two showers (one for children) and storage space which can be swung out for use when needed.











 6. Apartment that transforms itself - 24 times!

Seeing is believing.  Architect Gary Chang's apartment is truly amazing.  He didn’t want to move out of the teeny 32 sqm Hong Kong apartment he shared with his parents, two sisters and a boarder, so he redesigned it to meet everybody’s needs.

The sliding wall mechanism allows all the interior walls to be moved so rooms can be altered to suit different purposes. You can watch a video on this mind-boggling example of space wizardry here! 

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