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Is your deck safe?


It’s spring. Technically, anyway. This is the time our thoughts start to turn to the serious business of barbecues, outdoor parties and other summer fun. Much of which will take place on the deck, if you’re lucky enough to have one. But is your deck up to it? Check out this brilliant Interactive Deck Safety Quiz to see how much you know about deck safety. Then check your deck. You may be thankful you did.

Step One: Take the Interactive Deck Safety Quiz

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Even if you are one of those handy types who reckon they know a bit about deck safety, take this Interactive Deck Safety Test, courtesy of, to find out how much you really know. You’ll find three photos of an old deck with some potential structural flaws. The challenge is to find those flaws – there are five of them.

Found them? Got five out of five? Great. 




Step Two: Check Your Deck, or better still, have it checked by us

When giving your deck or balcony the once over, watch out for the following warning signs:
• Movement when walking on it
• Damp spots or stains where deck joins the house
• Movement or looseness of any timber where the deck joins the house
• Rot, softness, cracks or other damage in the timber or other structural material, especially near  joints or corners which may affect the structural integrity of your deck, but don’t forget the railings, deck boards and stairs
• Balustrades or railings that wobble
• Balustrades where damp spots or stains can be seen on the cladding
• Interior water damage or any visible change to interior finishing adjacent to, or directly beneath the balcony or deck
• Loose or rusted metal fasteners, bolts or screws
• Cracked, broken, wobbly or loose foundations and footings
• Loose or broken bracing

This is not an exhaustive list, and we strongly recommend for the safety of your family that you have your deck professionally checked by us every year. If you have any doubts at all about the structural integrity of your deck or balcony, make sure you don’t use it until you have had it assessed. Give us a call straight away on 0800 226 349.


Step Three: Get your deck repaired or replaced professionally by us

Fix It Deck Build


If you find any flaws or defects, give us a call and we’ll come and sort them out for you in plenty of time for your first barbecue.

Of course, if your old deck is terminal, or you don’t have a deck, you will need us to design and build one for you.

For inspiration, check out our recent articles and galleries of decks.

Then just give us a call.



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