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6 ideas from celebrity homes you can actually use

We have to admit we don’t normally care for celebrities’ homes. They’re almost always too glitzy, over-the-top and just plain hideous to give us any ideas we can use for renovations in real people’s houses. But just recently we’ve spotted some clever ideas from – of all people – Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest that – gasp – you could probably use in your own home.

Idea #1: The relaxed, open, airy and minimalist style of Bruce Willis’s house

Fix It Renovations ezine Nov2013

Willis’s house may be enormous at 1,000 square metres, but in other ways it’s not over-the-top at all. We like that he’s kept it in keeping with the character of this original Spanish-style hacienda, which was built in 1928, and hasn’t filled it with glitzy junk. In fact, it’s quite minimalist, an effect enhanced by the large windows which allow natural light in and create an airy open feel.

The house is on the market for US$22 million.


Idea #2: Ashton Kutcher’s Wine “Tower”

Fix It Renovations ezine Nov2013

We have to admit we weren’t expecting much from the new Two and a Half Men star, but we were pleasantly surprised. Not only by the fact that the house isn’t too over-the-top size-wise – at around 300 square metres, it’s teeny by Hollywood standards – but because Ashton and his dad got involved in the recent renovation themselves.

When we saw the photo above, we thought “What a great idea, he’s built the wine rack into a disused doorway”, but it turned out that it was custom-built. Nevertheless, we like that it’s in keeping with the doorways and the rest of the house, and that it extends up to the first floor, meaning that there’s always a bottle handy when you need it.

Idea #3: Leonardo DiCaprio’s bedroom

Fix It Renovations ezine Nov2013

Like mansion in The Great Gatsby, this house has a kind of faded style and a private jetty – in this case, right outside the bedroom door on to Malibu Beach. We also like the bedroom. With its sparseness, whiteness and endless sea view, it could be a beach cottage in Mt Maunganui, Takapuna or The Sounds.  

Idea #4: Matt Damon’s bathroom

Fix It Renovations ezine Nov2013

What struck us about this bathroom is that it’s a bathroom built for two – there’s a two-person bathtub in the middle, but separate his and her sinks – the secret of a successful marriage, according to movie star Debbie Reynolds (and she should know, she was married three times). We also liked the concealed lighting effects, which create a lovely ambiance in a bathroom and are easier and less expensive to achieve than you might imagine.

Idea #5: Kourtney and Kim Kardashian’s Entry and Stairway

Fix It Renovations ezine Nov2013

This house was only rented by the sisters during the filming of their US TV series Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.  As you’d expect, the whole mansion was excessive and overblown – except for this surprisingly elegant entrance and stairway. We’re not sure about the tiles, but we’re suckers for textured walls and wrought iron, which we feel is underused in New Zealand homes.

Idea #6: Ryan Seacrest’s Outdoor Room

Fix It Renovations ezine Nov2013

Like anything the Kardashians would live in, this home which was recently sold to Ryan Seacrest by Ellen Degeneres and Portia Rossi for – wait for it – US$49 million has absolutely no good points that we could see. But this outdoor room with its comfy overstuffed pillows and rustic coffee table came close, mainly because you don’t see many outdoor rooms in New Zealand – and you should.

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