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How to decorate for Christmas without being tacky

Your house doesn’t have to be lit up like a, well, Christmas tree to get into the whole spirit of the festive season. Here’s our guide to decorating while maintaining a sense of decorum.

Xmas decorating made easy

Let’s start with outside. The trend these days is to try to outdo your neighbour for over-the-top Christmas lighting and decorations. There are whole streets of houses lit up like the one on the left. But while the owners of the house on the left have to put up with crowds of gawkers, the owners of the yard pictured on the right can enjoy some wonderful (and private) evening ambience.

Xmas decorating made easy
Christmas trees used to come in one style – green, cone-shaped and real. Now, you can get any kind of tree – and it doesn’t have to be a tree, just look a bit like one.

Xmas decorating made easy
Whatever you do, never act on the spur of the moment and splurge on a Christmas sweater. Come Boxing Day, you’ll see it for what it is – a tacky fashion travesty – and toss it out.

Xmas decorating made easy

Passersby who saw the poor man whose ladder had toppled while he was putting up Christmas lights raced to his aid – only to find out it was really a mannequin, hung there for a prank. The woman in the middle photo stopped smiling when the police asked her to take her mannequin down after receiving dozens of complaints. And we’re not sure what the occupant of the Christmas-wrapped office thought when he saw his colleagues’ handiwork.

Xmas decorating made easy
At this point, we’d like to wish you, on behalf of all of us at Fix It Renovations, a very merry Christmas and happy New Year, and share a couple of photos that illustrate our idea of the perfect Christmas decorations…

Xmas decorating made easy

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