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House in a Garden, and other stunning design ideas

House in a garden
Design doesn’t get much more minimalist than this. Or as close to nature. Or, in fact, as earthquake-resistant.

Design Idea #1: House in a Garden

House in a garden

You can see why this family home in Sakura-shi, Japan, is called “the House in the Garden”. Every room with its giant floor-to-ceiling windows gives the impression of living inside a sheltered garden. The garden is visible when people are cooking, reading, playing – even taking a bath.

But that’s not all that’s special about this incredible house. It is actually made up of five separate modules, each of them linked to another but free-standing in its own right, giving the structure great strength and earthquake resistance – something that’s as important in Japan as it is in parts of New Zealand.

Design Idea #2: How much space do you need for your dream bedroom?


House in a garden


We spend more time in our bedroom than virtually anywhere else – but how much time do we spend on planning our bedroom environment? A well-considered and organised space can improve your mood when you need to sleep, and get your day off to a good start when you wake up. This diagram from an article in online magazine Houzz shows you the ideal amount of space you need for every part of your bedroom. (It’s a US magazine so you’ll need to adjust the measurements from inches to centimetres.)

House in a garden Source:

Speaking of bedrooms, something about the contrast between the colours and textures in this bedroom took our fancy. Not sure about the “art”, though.

House in a garden Source: Hélène

In the kitchen, concrete benchtops are still the rage, probably because it’s possible to cast them to suit any shape and format and because of that cool industrial look.


House in a garden

Source: Designsponge

As more people work from home or run online side businesses to supplement their incomes, home offices are become more prevalent. Often, like this one, creating an office is a case of finding a suitable nook or cranny.

 House in a garden Source: Designsponge

Home offices don’t have to be in function and no aesthetics, as this minimalist space demonstrates.

Last but not least, this clever laundry space makes it clear that design can even find its way into utilitarian environments. We like the dolls house, of course, but don’t overlook what appears to be a classic New Zealand-style concrete washtub on the right.

 House in a garden

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