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  Cold castle getting you down?

Energy efficient 

We've all heard 'my home is my mansion' and 'men are the king of the castle', but when that castle is cold and damp, there's not alot of demand for it.

New Zealand property is amongst the most expensive in the developed world, yet our houses are comparatively poorly constructed. 

One of the consequences of that poor construction is a wastefulness of heat and energy.  Our homes are poorly insulated and draughty.  In combination, those two factor often lead to dampness, which makes it more difficult to retain comfortable temperatures at reasonable cost.

With the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme on 1 July 2010, the cost of electricity and some other forms of energy are set to rise.  Couple that with a rise in GST, and there is no better time than the present to invest in making your home as energy efficient as it can be.

At Fix It Building Services, we know all the right techniques to turn your draughty cold energy wasting home into a warm, inviting refuge for those cold winter nights. 

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