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Have a new home without having to move!


When you first purchased your home, it was probably near perfect!  Now you’re ready for a change.  It doesn’t matter how you shift the furniture around or what kind of decorating changes you make, the fact is that this is the same old house with the same old basic structural layout. So maybe you’re thinking it’s time to move?

But you don’t want to move.

You chose this house because of its location and proximity to the activities you and your family enjoy. It’s close to friends and your children go to the local school.  You’ve got getting from A to B down to a fine art; you just wouldn’t have this in a different suburb.

All is not lost - the obvious solution is a home renovation project.   If you start planning now, then you could have a new feel within the old friend by the time winter is upon you.

The choices are endless - 'open up' your home to create bigger spaces, using a multitude of new materials and fixtures available to revitalise an old space and give your home new Pzazz!

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