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Why you need an extra bathroom on Mondays

It’s official. Women hog the bathroom on Mondays.


Extra Bathroom needed on Mondays Now before you start deriding us as another Alasdair Thompson, let’s look at the facts.  A new UK study has found that the average woman spends 76 minutes getting ready for work on Mondays, four times as long as they do on Fridays. The study, which investigated 1000 people in the UK, found that on Mondays, women spent 23 minutes doing their hair, 19 in the shower, 18 on make-up and 16 deciding what to wear. 

I don't know about other ladies, but I sure take longer on a Monday to do my hair, and my partner laughs.  But I do have more hair than him!   


In contrast, men took 28 minutes on average to get ready at the start of the week, and just 11 at the end. The scruffs! 


Bad Hair Mondays Why are preparations so much longer at the beginning of the week? There were suppositions that we have to spend more time selecting our Monday wardrobe after catching up on our washing and ironing over the weekend.  We are more likely at the beginning of the week to spend time washing, blow-drying and straightening our hair. And dress-down Fridays could be a factor.

The point, of course, is that the study lends further weight to what we all already know – that you just can’t have too many bathrooms.

So if you can’t get access to a bathroom when you need one, especially on Mondays, we urge you to contact Fix It Renovations for a free initial consultation on building a second or third bathroom, depending on how many Monday's there are in your week!


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