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What you should know prior to building

When it comes to extending your living space, adding value to your home, and creating ideal indoor-outdoor flow without breaking the bank, it’s hard to go past a new deck. But what type of deck is right for you? And what will it cost?

What type of deck is right for you?


The first thing to consider is the layout. Some people like expansive decks, while others prefer a cosier setting. The size of the deck will be dictated by the outdoor space available and other factors such as trees (although you can build around trees, adding an interesting dimension to your project).

Another option is to create modular decking "zones" based on their uses – a barbeque area, Jacuzzi enclosure, dining or party space. If your property is on a slope, or your deck will be off the second floor of your home, consider stepping it down over several levels. Creating different zones and levels adds interest and the perception of expansiveness and privacy. Consider seating, shade and planter boxes. Be aware of safety and accessibility issues.

The ideal deck makes a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors – and that’s where your choice of decking material is important. You want aesthetic appeal and versatility combined with durability and easy maintenance. That’s why many homeowners choose hardwoods such as kwila over pine, but composite manmade materials are growing in favour. 

What will it cost?


This depends on a range of factors, including:

• Size
• Height above ground (over 1m requires a building consent)
• Levels
• Deck materials
• Deck layout and decking format
• Railing type and length
• Stair type and number
• Built in furniture, fittings and accessories
• Any structures such as roofs, shade houses or gazebos
• Finishing requirements (oiling, staining or painting)
• Any alterations that may be required to be made to your house to accommodate the deck 



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