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Chic sheds: What is it about Kiwis and sheds?


These days you don’t have to be a bloke to enjoy the privacy, peace and productivity that your own shed offers. And the shed doesn't have to be a ramshackle outbuilding that adds about as much visual appeal to your property as a rubbish tip. In fact, quite the opposite, as this gallery of ideas and inspirations attempts to prove. 


OK, this one may be a bit over the top, but it does show what can be achieved with some imagination and far too much spare time on your hands.

We're not too sure about the strip of what looks like water leading up to the front door. Could it be some sort of deterent to burglars? Or visitors, for that matter?







This is more like it. A shed with plenty of light and a swimming pool at the doorstep.

You wouldn't want anybody mistaking it for a changing room, though...





Clever Kirstie Allsopp turned her shed into a trendy garden office. More and more Kiwis are working from home now, and what better way to separate your working environment from your living space than to set up your office or studio in a shed?





An alternative and increasingly common use for a shed is for extra living or sleeping room. In this case, the sofa folds out to make a bed.

The sleepout is ideal for extended families or visitors, and makes good economic sense when used for boarders or homestays, offering them privacy and a place of their own.



Common and garden workshed


The common-and-garden zincalume workshed has a place in New Zealand backyards but it is purely utilitarian and adds little value to the property.




All it takes for a shed to add visual appeal, character, functionality and value to your property is imagination and flair.

We recommend these two books on the subject, Shed Chic by Sally Coulthard, and Stylish Sheds by Debra Prinzing.

We also you recommend you talk to your local Fix It Renovations owner, who will be more than happy to provide ideas and advice on the right shed for you, to build you a new shed, or to bring your old one up to scratch. 



By the way, we finally found out what all that water was in front of this "shed".

It's a reflecting pool, of course!









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