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Move over Man Caves: Here are some brilliant Basement Makeovers for ALL the family!


Many people think of basements as dark, damp places where you store the kinds of things you use only once in a blue moon.

But that doesn't have to be the case, as our recent article on Man Caves showed. Even better news is that the basement need not be the exclusive lair of the males of the household.

Check out these ideas for making your basement an integral and stunning part of the family home which everyone can share.

Basement Makeover #1

Basement renovation 1 before

basement remodel 1 before







From the barest basic unlined basement area, to palatial retreat, complete with exercise machines (although it seems a shame to work up a sweat in such luxurious surroundings). 

It's a good idea in basement renovations to retain the open feel of the space. Otherwise they can feel claustrophobic, especially if there are no or few windows.


 Basement Makeover #2


basement renovation 2 after Basement renovation 2 






The kids in this family have clearly grown up and graduated from a playpen to a pool hall. Or perhaps they've been ousted completely by their parents, who have added a bar and TV lounge area.

Extra lighting has been added here, as well as storage cabinets to keep "stuff" out of sight and neatly organised.


Basement Makeover #3 

Basement Makeover 3 before

Basement Makeover 3 After








This formerly-dingy play room has been transformed into a separate self-contained studio flat. Living, kitchen and bedroom areas are cleverly defined by the positioning of furniture and cabinets without losing the open feel.

At Fix It Renovations, we can advise on the best forms of insulation and linings for your basement upgrade. Very important if you want to permanently banish dampness and cold.


Basement Makeover #4

  Basement upgrade 4 before basement makeover 4 after






 The clutter is gone and so have the nasty ceiling tiles and flourescent-tube lights. Colour has been used effectively to brighten up a once-drab additional living area. We especially like the addition of the fireplace, as basements can be cold and the fire enhances the atmosphere.



Basement Makeover #5

Basement renovations 5 before

Basement upgrade 5 after







The high ceiling in this basement, not a common feature in a basement, has been capitalised on by the homeowner, who by clever use of white on the ceiling and in the furnishings has been able to achieve a dramatic effect with darker wall colours without making the space feel closed-in or dark.

Again, the old ceiling tiles have been replaced by a modern flush ceiling and special flooring and wall paneling has been used to drain away any excess moisture and maintain a cosy temperature. These are all specialist applications which Fix It Renovations can help you with.


Basement Makeover #6

Basement reno 6 before

basement reno 6 after







Once again, a contrast between dark and light colours has been used to powerful effect in this startling basement transformation. The drapes even create the illusion that there's a big picture window there. And we love the tiger skin (not real)!

To talk to your nearest Fix It Renovations specialist about your basement issues and possible solutions, click here or email


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