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No8 wire - the Kiwi know-how!


Why use number 8 wire when the right materials are readily available to us?

New Zealand is a land of home handymen and “do it yourselfers”.   We’ve always celebrated our ability to make do with number 8 wire and some ingenuity.   When it comes to repair work around the home, we know that many New Zealanders feel comfortable tackling that project themselves or in a pinch by calling on the local home handyman. 

However, if you weren’t born with that Kiwi skill and you don’t necessarily know the capabilities of the local home handyman, you can call Fix It Building Services.  We aren’t home handymen but we are the professional tradespeople who provide guaranteed service.  We do the job right the first time with the right tools, equipment, and materials

We’re fast. We’re friendly.  We’re efficient.  We’re professional.

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