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Best home office ideas when you don’t have a lot of space

I live in the safest neighbourhood in New Zealand. I work from home and three of my neighbours also work from home. People like us must be making life nigh-on impossible for burglars, and we are part of a growing trend. But if you’re short on space, how can you make working from home work? We found five smart solutions.  

Idea #1: Incorporate your office in your living space

Fix It ezine April 2013

With a desk in the same style and colour as the rest of the living room furniture in this small (32 square metre) apartment, the workspace morphs seamlessly into the living space, cleverly creating different zones within the same open-plan space.

Fix It ezine apr13  Photo courtesy 
Here’s how the whole apartment works. We’re intrigued by how the bedroom loft, kitchen area, bathroom and storage spaces all work so well together, like parts of a puzzle.

Idea #2: Transform your coffee table into an office

Fix It ezine Apr13 
When is a coffee table more than a coffee table? When it’s the cleverly-named Coffee Table That Lifts Up by Ozzio.

Idea #3: Transform a plain wall-mounted box into an office

Fix It ezine Apr13
 Photo courtesy
This seems like a just a nice timber box hovering in space until, hey presto, you pop open the front, slide out the tray and get to work


Idea #4: Find a nook

Fix It ezine apr13

Most houses or apartments, no matter how pokey, have unused nooks and crannies that, with a little imagination, you can put to good use. Weren’t those nice Dursleys clever to find a space just like this for young Harry Potter to sleep in when he came to stay?

Idea #5: Don’t do this

Fix It ezine apr13

This is the “Book Cabinet + Computer Workstation Chair = Cabinet Chair for Small Saving Home Office” by Ontwerpers. We’re sure they thought it was a great idea, but we can’t imagine who would want one of these in their home and what exactly it offers. Apart from being ugly and impractical, that is.

Idea #6: Bedup: The Space-Saving Bed that Falls From the Ceiling

Fix It ezine apr13
This, a bed by night and an office by day, is a far better idea. Unless you happen to be sleeping in one, we’ve always believed beds are a complete waste of space. Of course, you can get beds that fold into the wall when you’re not using them, but their disadvantage is that you can’t keep things, like a desk, under them. On the other hand, if you had a bed that you could lower from the ceiling…

Idea #7: The Ultimate Home Office

Fix It ezine apr13 Photo Courtesy

If the inside of your home really is too small, crowded or noisy to accommodate a comfortable office, but you have some room around your property, here is the best solution of all. It’s the OfficePOD, your home office away from home (but just a bit).


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