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Affordable Outdoor Kitchen Ideas


Kitchens are a stylish and helpful addition to outdoor living spaces, like decks and patios. Outdoor kitchens are invaluable for neighborhood parties and family events. They have a chic, trendy look and can be used in exactly the same way as indoor kitchens. Although setting up a full outdoor kitchen might be costly, there are ways that homeowners can save money, when preparing and shopping for what is needed to create the best outdoor cooking and eating environment.

The Grill

Cleaning you BBQ grill

This is often the priciest item in an outdoor kitchen. Spend some time cleaning your old grill, instead of dealing with the hassle of buying a new one. Rid your old grill of grime, by cleaning the interior areas and washing the inner racks. In addition, contact your grill manufacturer to inquire about available replacement parts. Many companies stock replacement parts for grills, including warming racks and igniters. Proper cleaning of your old grill, and the installation of new replacement parts, will give your grill an entirely new look - for an affordable price.

The Counters

Bbq islands

If your outdoor space is limited, or if you want to save effort and money, consider buying a single island or bar type structure - rather than outfitting your outdoor space with counters. You can find affordable islands and bar counters in various home improvement stores. This will help you save money, while still keeping as much open space as possible. If you must have counters for your outdoor kitchens, consider installing marble or imitation granite. These counters will give your kitchen a modern look, without the hefty price tag.

Storage Space

Built in outdoor funiture

Consider installing dual purpose storage systems. Opt for storage systems that are designed to fit under chairs and benches. Such storage systems give you and your guests adequate seating space, while saving you the cost of buying additional seating and storage devices. Another cost effective option for counter structures is storage cupboards beneath counter surfaces.

The Décor

BBQ natural outdoor decor

Save money by using natural décor fixtures as much as possible. Potted plants arranged in an attractive pattern around your outdoor kitchen create a nice environment for your outdoor space. Add decorations by hanging stringed white or colored lights.

Pool House Dining Area

Back yard pool and dining area

Create a dining area in your outdoor kitchen, inside your pool house or house extension, to accommodate guests while they eat food prepared from the kitchen. Consider adding casual and water resistant furniture to the dining area, so your guests can comfortably get out of the pool and head straight to the dining area. Undoubtedly, an eating area near the pool is a welcome shaded retreat from the sun.

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