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30 ways to make your home cosier this winter

Feeling chilly? Has your home become an igloo? Here are 30 ways to transform it into a cosy haven.

Tips for a Cosy Modern Living Room

Fix It ezine May 2014

The woodgrain of the cabinets has a natural warmth
2.    The open bookshelves add depth and the decorative items contrast against the white
3.    The earthy colour of the rug adds warmth while the shagpile adds texture
4.    The colour and fat cushioning of the sofa looks inviting and comfortable

Tips for a Cosy Traditional Living Room

Fix It ezine May 2014

5.    Timber, stone… these materials have a natural warmth that has seemed cosy to people since prehistoric days
6.    These baskets may be manmade but they’re made from natural materials that distinguish this home
7.    These cushions and throw rugs just make you want to curl up on the sofa
8.    A fireplace with a blazing wood fire is the ultimate in cosiness … but modern gas fires can be almost as appealing

Tips for a Cosy Modern Dining Room

Fix It ezine May 2014

 Lighting is an important element of ambience and therefore cosiness … especially the ability to adjust the lights to the mood you want to create

10.    A centrepiece such as these long-stem flower adds panache and colour
11.    Artwork and prints help to set the tone
12.    Again, woodgrain is used here for contrast – in this case with two contrasting timber shades
13.    A rug delineates the dining space, bringing the diners together as a cosier group

Tips for a Cosy Traditional Bedroom Room

Fix It ezine May 2014

14.    What is it about books that gives a room a relaxing feel?
15.    Again, artwork and prints work well in a bedroom, especially those with personal significance to you
16.    With its patterned wallpaper, pillows and bedspread, this room looks busy but in a harmonious way

Tips for a Cosy Modern Bedroom

Fix It ezine May 2014

17.    Modern décor can seem stark and cold to some people, but this bedroom is made just the opposite by three elements … the texture of the walls, timber, fabrics and rug…
18.    The colours which work together in a beautifully balaced way…
19.    And the atmospheric lighting which enhances the colours and textures

Tips for a Cosy Bathroom

Fix It ezine May 2014

20.    You don’t always see flowers and plants in bathrooms, but the right ones will thrive and enhance the room
21.    There’s nothing more romantic than a bath tub built for two – all that’s missing are some candles!  

9 ways we can make your home cosier this winter

22.    Install a built-in fireplace and/or heating system
23.    Give your bathroom a makeover or full renovation
24.    Provide design advice on colours, lighting, styles and materials
25.    Check your home for draughts and adequate insulation, and remedy any deficiencies
26.    Check your roof and guttering for leaks and remedy any issues
27.    Install larger windows and doors to let more natural light in
28.    Install a skylight or solar tube to let more light in
29.    Design and make any alterations to your home to create more privacy or ambience
30.    Add a conservatory, sunroom or other extension   

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