Latest news: Bathroom eBook launched

Fix It Bathroom eBook

Cleaner, more beautiful lines. More accessible. Safer. These are just some of the advantages of 'wet area' bathrooms like this one. But a big disadvantage is the cost, right? Not necessarily, says Fix It Nelson's owner, Peter Billings. Read more ...


Secrets of Successful Renovations eBook launched

Secrets of Successful Renovations eBook
Let’s face it, renovating is a lot different to building a new home. In a new home you get to work on a clear building site, no need to tie new work into old, no need to work around a busy family, easier to bring in all the sub-trades as the same time constraints don’t exist and of course no concern about unknown or hidden challenges. 
Download your FREE copy of our eBook - The Secrets to Successful Renovation to help you avoid the pitfalls....

How to give your house a facelift

House to give your house a faceliftOur homes, in a way, are like us - they need facelifts to stop them looking run down and tired. In general it’s a lot easier (less painful compared to us) and doesn’t need to cost a fortune to improve the street appeal and in turn can increase the value of your property.
We take a look at renovating for street appeal...  


How to keep your home renovation within budget

How to renovate on a budge 
It is a myth that doing it yourself will save you a ton of money. DIYers often end up paying more for building materials, disrupting their household for way longer than they need to by taking way longer than they expected, cocking up the job - or all of the above. 

Here's how to renovate to your budget.... 

A history of home architecture

History of New Zealand Architecture
Here's a story we thought you'd like...

We love New Zealand houses – we wouldn’t live anywhere else. So we set ourselves the challenge of capturing the quintessence of Kiwi residential architecture over the past 200 years.

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